New LEGO pilot project launched in England from the world of LEGO


The Danish manufacturer has begun testing a new pilot project in the UK. Fans of the “world of cubes” were offered 5 designers (including those produced earlier) in new colors and sizes. Products are available from the English version of and from The Lego Company’s retail partners Tesco and Smyths.

According to an official statement from LEGO representatives, the pilot project is launched in order to better understand what building lovers want, as well as where they buy new or unique Lego products. Including several variations from previously produced sets will allow the company to learn more about the color and size preferences of buyers of different ages.

Which constructors participate in color testing?

In “color” testing, buyers are first of all offered two new versions of the set lego 31058 Mighty Dinosaurswhich was released in 2017.

In general, the collected figures of ancient predators will be completely identical in shape and appearance to the characters of the original source. The main difference is only in the coloring of dinosaurs.

LEGO 77941 Mighty Dinosaurs (Blue Version)

LEGO 77940 Mighty Dinosaurs (brown version)

Along with the “dinosaurs”, the designer also takes part in the study on the color parameter LEGO 77942 Fiat 500 (blue version). The kit allows you to assemble a retro model of the legendary Italian Fiat car from 1965.

Experienced builders will immediately determine that this toy copy is nothing more than a repainted variation of a model from a well-known set. LEGO 10271 Fiat 500.

Which constructors participate in size testing?

In this category, 2 sets from the popular urban series, identical in content and name, were brought to the judgment of construction lovers. At the same time, if LEGO 77943 City Fire Station is a brand new product, LEGO 77944 City fire station refers to a remake of the old construction kit of the same name under the article 60110, which first saw the light of day 5 years ago.

With these kits, the Danish company intends to find out how the final choice of buyers affects the size of the assembled models and figures, which are designed and created based on the same design concept.

LEGO 77943 City Fire Station

LEGO 77944 City Fire Station

It is assumed that the new designers will remain available to English buyers until November 30 this year. However, most likely, sales will continue until the final sale of all kits that are released for testing in a pilot project in limited quantities.


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