New LEGO parts are back for shoppers

Last year, the manufacturer of constructors Lego announced the creation of a new online platform Pick a Brick. This resource replaced the previous platform where building fans bought their favorite parts and minifigures for their own “brick” projects.

However, the Build a Minifigure online store, which moved to a new location, immediately found problems. In fact, he did not begin to cope with the processing and fulfillment of incoming orders. In this regard, the company even had to temporarily limit the sale of parts from old sets and completely suspend the sale of new products that appear in fresh designers. Lego in 2022.

Several months passed after that. Now the store is gradually returning to serving consumers in the previous mode, that is, without any restrictions on orders of goods. Moreover, the company’s employees intend to completely eliminate the resulting backlog by the end of 2022 – the stocks of demanded “bricks” are replenished.

New parts and elements of

So, for example, sheep figurines have already returned to the assortment lego – many bloggers took this as a sign that everything will gradually return to normal. In addition to them, you can now again purchase figurines of many other animals, so there is an opportunity to replenish your home “menageries” with new representatives of the animal world.

Various minifigure accessories are also available, such as the Zodiac tiger headpiece, which was first introduced in the Lunar New Year Ice Festival set. Fans of medieval castles can upgrade their knights’ armor.

By the end of August, it is expected that new parts and items that debuted in the Danish company’s designers released in early 2022 will begin to go on sale. Thus, fans of the “world of cubes” will still have a chance to purchase new parts, elements and miniature figures that appeared in the official designers.

New parts and elements of

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