New “Lego” for the world “Day of the Galaxy”

Traditionally May 4 fans of the cult film “Star Wars” The world is celebrating Galaxy Day. It is considered an important event and is celebrated very pompously.

Manufacturers from different countries, whose products have something to do with space, are trying to take advantage of the situation and sell the relevant products. The Danish company coincides with this date its own action LEGO May the 4th, during which it intends to present the May “star” novelties.

For many construction fans, the attraction is the opportunity to become the owner of free sets that Lego will give to loyal customers. This time, only 3 such souvenirs are expected. So far, it is known that among them there will be a gift constructor 40531 LEGO Lars Family Manor Kitchen (See brief details about this set below in a separate note).

What new Lego items will appear for World Galaxy Day?

Of course, May themed construction sets will hit the shelves by Galaxy Day. For example, set 75341 LEGO Star Wars UCS Land Speeder, which will introduce the biggest new Star Wars movie of 2022. The expected cost of the ground speeder is 199.99 euros (1624 rubles). The model is complemented by two miniature figures: if Luke Skywalker appears in the old version, then C-3PO with double legs and printed hands will become an exclusive.

The range of LEGO May the 4th promotions will also include officially announced construction sets. Among them is a set 75342 LEGO Star Wars Republican Fighter Tank and an amazing collection of dioramas for the 18+ age category:

  • 75329 LEGO Star Wars Death Star Trench Run
  • 75339 LEGO Star Wars Death Star Garbage Press.
  • 75330 LEGO Star Wars Dagobah Jedi Training

What new Lego items will appear for World Galaxy Day?

The sale of some of these constructors will start at the end of April, that is, a few days before the start of the promotion LEGO May the 4th. However, this will not affect the cost of prefabricated toys in the future. Discounts for the period of this event are not expected.

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