New LEGO cargo train released

Prefabricated constructor 60336 LEGO City Freight Train from the Danish manufacturer’s summer toy stream deserves special attention. If only because he returns to the “world of cubes” a model of a modern electric train.

From the image on the front side of the branded box, you can immediately understand that it contains parts for assembling not a simple railway vehicle, but also many other related toys. In general, such an arsenal allows you to build a very well-thought-out location with a lot of gaming opportunities.

LEGO's New Freight Train Impresses with Huge Play Potential

Of course, the main “working model” of the prefabricated set will be a remotely controlled freight train with a locomotive. Includes 33 elements with rails to build a branched railway line on the territory of the loading station.

A variety of wagons and platforms can be attached to the locomotive for the transportation of heavy and bulky goods. Including, a magnificent two-level car transporter, which allows you to fully demonstrate the transportation of cars. No less realistic can be shown the process of loading two electric vehicles included in the game kit. To do this, the set has a special gas station.

LEGO's New Freight Train Impresses with Huge Play Potential

In general, it should be noted that all technical models from the constructor 60336 LEGO City Freight Train endowed with functions corresponding to reality. This allows the child to reproduce all the original abilities during the game. But most importantly, it provides excellent gaming opportunities. For example, with the help of an existing reach stacker, or otherwise a special loader, it is possible to truly carry out all the loading and unloading operations associated with rail containers. By the way, the loader arm is retractable. Most of the “working moments” characteristic of the game kit are shown in the pictures posted on the back of the branded box of the set.

To all that has been said, it should be added that the set includes 6 miniature figures depicting:

  • a woman and a man – drivers of electric vehicles
  • a woman train driver; a man – a railway worker;
  • a farmer shipping a pallet of pickles and carrots and a container of seedlings;
  • forklift driver woman.

Constructor 60336 LEGO City Freight Train Includes 1153 pieces and 6 minifigures. Price: 179.95 euros.

LEGO's New Freight Train Impresses with Huge Play Potential

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