New Lego architectural set will delight adults


The Lego company officially introduced a large designer for adults 10297 LEGO Creator Expert Boutique Hotel. It consists of more than three thousand building bricks. The prefabricated model that its creators propose to build belongs to the category of modular buildings and structures.

The owner of the kit will have to painstaking assembly, but in general, the process can be somewhat facilitated by the fact that the structure consists of five sections. This makes it possible to divide the work into separate stages. The building of the “Boutique Hotel” differs from all those built according to early designers. First of all, not quite the usual triangular shape geometry. Along with this, it will impress design lovers with its elegant decor, which incorporates the best examples of European architecture.

The structure of the three-story building will consist of a lobby, two hotel rooms with matching furniture and a spacious guest penthouse suite, a terrace above the art gallery attached to the hotel. The roof over the complex will attract attention with a decorative dome. It should be noted that the model will please the owners of the color palette, as well as completely new elements.

With stunning design and elegant architecture, the toy Boutique Hotel measures 33 cm high and 25 cm long and wide.

Modular building from the constructor 10297 LEGO Creator Expert Boutique Hotel can become not just another collectible exhibit, but a completely “busy” complex. The set includes 7 miniature figures: hotel administrator, gallery owner, coffee seller, messenger and guests.

In conclusion, we note that the Danish manufacturer, this constructor, timed a significant date in its history: the 15th anniversary of the start of production of Lego modular buildings.

Project designer Anderson Grubb said:

  • When we come to designing a modular building, we are aware of the previous sets and therefore want to create something new that really completes the collection.

Apparently, they did it.


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