New key chains in the Lego online store


Assortment of the official online store “Lego” recently replenished with five new key chains. They feature figures of four famous Disney animated film characters and a standard LEGO building brick in a brand new color scheme. So collectors in March are waiting for interesting acquisitions.

Virtually every keychain in this original series, in one way or another, continues to bring the images of on-screen characters into the real world, complementing and expanding a special family of practical devices. By the names of the three sets, you can already by ear determine which specific animated series the new items belong to: 854191 “Winnie the Pooh Keychain”, 854193 “Tiger Keychain” and 854203 “Eeyore Keychain”. But the familiar figure of Goofy will help to identify the set 854196 “Stupid Keychain for Keys”.

Funny figurines are well detailed, they can be examined and compared with on-screen prototypes – the growth of some characters reaches 9 cm, which makes them convenient both for viewing and for carrying in pockets. Well, the most important thing, perhaps, is that key chains are not only collectible, but also practical, that is, they are used for their intended purpose. The non-removable minifigures are securely attached to a strong metal chain and ring, allowing you to attach the accessory to the clasp of your backpack and bag, or connect a keychain.

The fifth option, presented in the set 854159 “2×4 Sandy Green Keychain”, will be a particularly nice gift for true fans of Lego bricks. An iconic building material in an offbeat color scheme for a stylish everyday accessory.


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