New issue of LEGO Star Wars magazine is out


The next issue of LEGO Star Wars magazine is out!

In early October, the last issue appeared on store shelves. LEGO Star Wars Magazine. This edition will interest even those who do not like to read media products. Because it includes a small kit with the first model of the 2016 clone turbo tank, which is given to all buyers of the magazine for free.

Perhaps fans of the popular series of constructors already have similar Lego turbo-tanks, because the first one appeared more than 16 years ago. However, after the last proposal to build an interesting model from the parts of the kit under the article 75151, 5 years have passed and there has been no information about the resumption of work on this project. Therefore, for those who did not manage to get hold of a unique design before, for now it remains to be content with a mini-constructor. So, without delay, hurry up to get the LEGO Star Wars magazine!



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