New information about the Muppet Lego minifigure collection

Before the appearance on the shelves of stores of the May novelty 71033 Muppets Collectible Minifigures with 12 heroes of the cult show, only a few days remain. Therefore, reviewers are in a hurry to give out information about the long-awaited kit.

For example, a construction fan named CapnRex101 on gave a thorough description of each character in the set, describing them in great detail. At the same time, the author of the message made the main conclusion: the upcoming set will really surprise even seasoned collectors.

The thing is that the collection will present miniature figures of a new modification. Their main difference from standard minifigures is the presence of unique heads.

It is unlikely that we will reveal a big secret if we recall that in the designers, the heads of all characters are made the same in shape and structure. In the case under consideration, a completely different technology was used, which is still very rare for the “world of cubes”. But one thing should be noted – thanks to the use of this technology, the heads were developed separately for each hero.

As a result of the head minifigures turned out to be purely individual in form and perfectly focus on the details of the face, hair and other features characteristic of a particular character. With the help of this non-standard approach, the designers of the toy team managed to reproduce the images of the original television prototypes with almost perfect accuracy. All the characters look very impressive.

In general, a delightful puppet ensemble seems to come to life under the eyes of others. They will be a great decoration and will look great on a toy table or bookshelf. In addition, minifigures will always cheer you up with their cute and funny look, as they reflect the humorous team in all its diversity.

What's different about the upcoming Muppet minifigure collection?

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