New freight train from Lego

Company lego announced the release of a new designer 60336 LEGO City Freight Train, accompanying the description with just one picture – unfortunately, rather blurry. Despite all this, the message aroused genuine interest among consumers of the Danish company’s products.

It was hard to expect another reaction, because the last set with a similar model in the “world of cubes” appeared as much as 4 years ago! So fans of “Railroad” themed toys have started counting down the remaining time until June 1st. It is on this date that the novelty will go to stores. By the way, it will be sold at a price of 179.99 euros (14,400 rubles).

So what do we know? According to the picture and description of the Danish manufacturer, it becomes clear that:

  • the prefabricated game location includes several types of vehicles, as well as 6 minifigures;
  • the main model consists of a multi-colored train with a modern locomotive and three cars of various modifications. The first wagon is a cargo platform with iron sides and an open top, in which bulky goods can be transported. The second car is a flat platform, protected in front and behind by thin walls and a roof on top – containers with plants are transported in it;
  • the toy train is closed by a two-level platform for the transportation of cars;
  • a toy freight train is provided with a railway line, which is built from 16 straight and 16 curved rail fragments;
  • while the total length of the composition is 90 cm.

In addition, the game set is complemented by a loader with a gripper, with which the wagons are loaded. 2 electric vehicles, a car charging station and 2 cargo containers with plants will be used as cargo. There are also accessories in the form of a screwdriver, a shovel, a walkie-talkie, a phone, fruits and vegetables. In general, there is everything that allows you to realistically recreate the usual everyday life of the railroad cargo terminal.

The train is equipped with sound effects. The train is controlled remotely using a standard remote control or an application via a smartphone or tablet.

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