New Dagobah diorama to be unveiled in 2022


Although this information is still only at the level of assumptions, it deserves attention. Especially fans of the film and the eponymous series of themed sets “Star Wars”. Along with the novelties announced today, another interesting novelty is expected to appear in 2022 – the Dagoba dioramas.

Models with a diorama of Dagobah, where one of the Star Wars heroes Luke Skywalker was trained, were previously included in the Lego company’s designers several times.

For the first time, the model was presented to fans of the saga along with the original fighter in a set. 4502 LEGO X-wing Fighterâ„¢ in 2004 and last included 75208 LEGO Yoda Huts in 2018. Thus, the time has come to update the old ideas with new projects, which will surely delight all fans!

75208 LEGO Yoda Huts

About the expected novelty, it is still known that it will be released in the category of sets for adults and will consist of more than 1000 parts. It is assumed that the set with the Dagoba diorama will appear on store shelves only after the premiere of two other thematic constructors. They should be sets 75294 LEGO Bespin Duel and 75296 LEGO Darth Vader Meditation Chamber, also published with the mark “+18”. The first of them is devoted to the reproduction of the scene of the iconic duel between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in Cloud City, the second one is a detailed recreation of Darth Vader’s meditation chamber.


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