New Christmas decorations from Lego are already in development

The network has spread the information that the Danish company plans to release another collection of four souvenir sets LEGO HALLMARK. This peculiar line is the product of a joint project between the manufacturer of designers and the well-known American trade brand Hallmark.

New items will be available for purchase from October 8 this year. Thus, prudent fans of miniature Lego figures have a chance to purchase decorations for the decoration of the Christmas tree in 2023 in advance.

It is known from previous issues that such Christmas decorations are usually offered in extremely limited quantities. Therefore, they are in constant demand, especially among numerous collectors. The line is diverse in content, at least the characters presented in souvenir sets are not repeated.

Last year’s selection included Darth Vader and stormtroopers from the calendar “Star Wars”. The following minifigures are expected to be released this year:

  • the young magician and wizard Harry Potter;
  • the conqueror of outer space astronaut in a blue space suit;
  • BB-8 droid from Star Wars;
  • mysterious Bigfoot.

The cost of one prefabricated kit will be 16.99 US dollars (1350 rubles).

As early as April, Lego plans to sell Christmas tree decorations

And one more set with minifigures. We’ve already told you about the upcoming LEGO 71033 set, which will feature collectible Muppet minifigures. So there is news that, in addition to it, a constructor will be released 71035 The Muppets 6 pack.

There are almost no details about this set yet. But judging by the picture of the branded box, on the front side of which their shadows are depicted instead of figures, the minifigures of the six characters of the said TV show will be included in it in a completely random order. That is, you will have to buy blindly, not knowing exactly who is represented inside the package. But at a price of $29.99 (2380 rubles), the 71035 set will cost less than purchasing six individual collectible figures from 71033.

As early as April, Lego plans to sell Christmas tree decorations

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