Mushroom house entered the review of the Lego idea contest

It would seem that the idea of ​​u200bu200bcreating a prefabricated model of a wood elf mushroom house is not at all new. Sets with him appeared more than once even at the official manufacturer of Lego constructors. But, apparently, the topic remains inexhaustible to the end, if fans of the “world of cubes” have shown such support for the project in question. Thanks to this, the author’s “Mushroom House” set a record on the site LEGO Ideasgaining the required number of votes in just 22 days after publication.

Why did it happen? What is special about the new design fans? Let’s try to figure this out. First, we note that the author of a happy project is the German blogger Stonewar Jonas Kramm – he runs the thematic site StoneWars.

The proposed model of the Mushroom house is very attractive for its design features and catchy design. In some ways, it shows a progressive approach, or rather a departure from the previous settings. In this case, the main emphasis is on the fact that the object is precisely the dwelling of the wood elves, and not a large fly agaric.

This perception is facilitated by the presence of:

  • front door,
  • ordinary and “dormer” windows,
  • brick chimney,
  • picket fence at the front garden in front of the house.

The mushroom house model idea got 10,000 support votes in a record 22 days!

Even more pleasant impression of the modular toy is enhanced by the fact that this model, it turns out, is decomposed in half. As a result, an excellent overview of the interior arrangement of the elves’ dwelling opens. Downstairs there is a kitchen with appropriate utensils and furniture, and upstairs, under the roof, there is a bedroom with a bed.

The author of the project paid special attention to a realistic reflection of the environment. The mushroom house is located in an area with a beautiful landscape. The fact that wood elves live here is indicated by many small details. For example, a mailbox, a water pump, a wheelbarrow for harvesting, a watering can for watering crops, and so on.

The miniature figures of wood elves included in the assembly set bring life to the game location with the Mushroom House as much as possible.

The mushroom house model idea got 10,000 support votes in a record 22 days!

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