Mozabrick photo kit from LEGO fans

The original photo-constructor called Mozabrick was invented by Russian fans of the “world of cubes”. Now he is literally conquering America and Europe. Suffice it to say that the product is already distributed in 19 countries around the world. What is the reason for such success? Let’s figure this out together.

Suggested by the guys (they introduce themselves simply – Ivan and Arthur) the sets look like the sets of the “mosaic” LEGO Art series. However, they differ from the Danish prototypes in a fundamental way. First of all, versatility. No wonder the authors of the project call their product “infinite constructor”.

Each such photo-constructor is initially a regular box with details without a thematic basis. That is, it is not dedicated to any famous character (as is done in LEGO Art), whose portrait needs to be collected. There are no instructions at all inside the package. Meanwhile, from this pile of cubes, you can “write” a mosaic portrait of literally any person. This is the main highlight of the novelty and its uniqueness.

A unique photo-constructor in the Lego style was invented in Russia

How is it possible to create such a miracle? The technology is quite simple: you point your smartphone’s camera at the QR code printed on the designer’s branded box and upload your (or relatives, friends) photo to the online generator (important: the web application does not require installation on the phone). After some time, you will receive instructions for assembling your own mosaic portrait. True, before that, the online generator will offer 12 options for the future picture, so you first have to choose the mosaic photo you like the most, and then receive a manual corresponding to the image by e-mail.

According to the authors of the project, the number of details in these kits is calculated to create any mosaic portrait. The direct process of the assembly itself takes on average from 5 to 8 hours – it largely depends on the type of kit purchased, and, of course, on the perseverance and experience in building such structures.

A unique photo-constructor in the Lego style was invented in Russia

Today, Mozabrick kits can be ordered in two color versions: monochrome, allowing you to assemble mosaic portraits on plates with dimensions: 51×51 cm (S), 51×76 cm (M) and 76×76 cm (L); and colored – 51×51 cm (S) and 51×76 cm (M). The package of color sets additionally includes a prefabricated frame.

Well, what is the “infinity” of Russian photo designers mentioned at the beginning of the news, you ask? And the fact that the owner of a mosaic photo can at any time completely disassemble it and replace it with another one. The assembly process is the same: you send the next picture to the online generator via a QR code and assemble a new portrait. The most remarkable thing here is that you can do this as many times as you want. At least every day.

A unique photo-constructor in the Lego style was invented in Russia

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