Monument to an old steamboat based on the idea of ​​a Lego fan


The old market town of Rudkøbing, which is the main town on the island of Langeland in Southern Denmark, is home to museum “Old Shipyard”. It was his visit that prompted Lego fan Henrik Jensen to the idea of ​​​​creating models of the steamship “Foborg”. He recently completed work on his project and now any visitor to his blog has the opportunity to admire what he got.

This author’s model, of course, cannot be compared with the giant Titanic, recently presented by the Danish manufacturer. However, she deserves attention and respect. After all, the enthusiast, in fact, built a monument to the vehicle, which was and remains the main one in the Baltic Sea. The real prototype of the prefabricated toy, along with other small steamships, provided a connection between the islands and the mainland in Southern Denmark as early as the beginning of the 20th century, when there were no bridges in this area.

The toy boat is made in 1:87 scale. Interestingly, during its development and assembly, Henrik Jensen had to use Lego building materials from old designers of different years. Moreover, details went into action that, it would seem, cannot be used for the construction of a sea vessel. However, fiction and fantasy helped the author of the project to find a use for every extra “brick”. Therefore, he even turned hockey sticks into lifeboat racks.


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