Mioshi Tech’s Stryker and Mowag: RC Cars with Automatic Weapons

Mioshi Tech's Stryker and Mowag: RC Cars with Automatic Weapons

The heroes of today’s review are the Stryker and Movag radio-controlled warrior cars from Mioshi Tech.

The toys boast weapons with automatic reloading and projectile feeding, an interactive damage system, simple assembly and powerful motors.

The delivery set includes the car itself, the weapon module, EVA – shells, remote control, decorative stickers and user manual. The machines do not require a long assembly – the Stryker, for example, comes already assembled (not counting the weapon module).

It is necessary to install complete wheels on Movag before use. Thanks to the two-pin locking connector, simply insert the wheel module into the corresponding slot until it clicks and repeat the operation on the other side. To dismantle the module, you need to move the latches and simply pull it towards you.

After that, both machines are technically ready for use in “safe” mode, which can be useful if, for some reason, hot battles are currently contraindicated.

Each machine is powered by 5 AA batteries, which must be purchased separately.

The installation hatch is located at the bottom of each of the machines. To prevent unintentional opening of the hatch or removal of batteries by children, the covers are additionally fixed with screws, so that even when installing the batteries for the first time, you will need a small Phillips screwdriver. Next to the battery compartment is an operation switch and a speaker that plays sound effects when the device is in operation.

Mioshi Tech's Stryker and Mowag: RC Cars with Automatic Weapons

After installing the batteries in the car, it is necessary to provide power to the complete remote control, the battery compartment of which is also fixed with a Phillips screwdriver screw. The remote control requires 4 AA batteries. Separately, it is worth noting that the batteries must be purchased separately. For two cars (the minimum number to play a duel and unlock the full potential of devices), you will need 18 AA batteries.

Installing weapon modules is extremely simple – you just need to insert the two-pin module connector into the corresponding slot on the top of the machine. In our case, both weapon modules are designed for EVA balls, which you just need to fill up inside the ammo container.

Also, on the Movag model, you can additionally install four complete “armor plates”, which easily fly off when a ball hits, thereby simulating a kind of car destruction model.

After completing the above steps, the machines are ready to play.

Turn on, control, fight

To turn on each of the machines, it is necessary to move the operation switch on the body to the “On” position and turn on the remote control with the red key. When the machine is successfully connected to the remote control, the operation indicator on the top of the remote control will stop flashing and turn red. If two machines are turned on, they must be turned on sequentially.

Both machines, as well as the complete remotes, are equipped with colorful bright backlighting, which makes the gaming process more fun.

The right and left sticks of the remote control the direction of rotation of the respective wheels. The solution is somewhat different from the common scheme (forward / backward – right / left), however, it makes it possible to perform a U-turn on the spot and other interesting maneuvers.

Using the upper gray buttons on the remote, you can control the inclination of the barrel of the weapon module.

Mioshi Tech's Stryker and Mowag: RC Cars with Automatic Weapons

The left and right shifts of the remote control duplicate each other, responsible for the shot. After pressing, the projectile is fed into the barrel, the mechanism is cocked and the shot is fired. It takes at least 4 seconds from pressing a key to a shot, so firing in bursts or quickly shooting at the right time will not work. Fortunately, during the preparation of the shot, you can move and change the inclination of the weapon, which allows you to at least aim after the start of the shot. Without a developed habit that allows you to feel the time interval from the start of charging to the launch of the projectile, it is quite difficult to shoot accurately.

Mioshi Tech's Stryker and Mowag: RC Cars with Automatic Weapons

In front of each of the cars there is a stylized head with a platform, when hit in which one “life” is removed from the car, and the car itself rolls back a little. The illumination of the eyes illustrates the presence of the first two lives. Both burning eyes indicate that the machine has a full supply of health. One burning eye – two lives left. Eyes do not glow – after the next projectile hits the site, the vehicle will be “destroyed”, the indicators will flash and the engines will stop. To restart, you will need to turn the toy off and on again using the work switch.

Mioshi Tech's Stryker and Mowag: RC Cars with Automatic Weapons

With sufficient engine power, large wheels, and shock-absorbing suspension (in the Stryker model), the vehicles are able to overcome small obstacles and navigate uneven terrain. During operation, the engines, like the weapon module, make a very loud noise – it’s definitely not possible to play quietly at night.

The video below basically illustrates the gameplay.

The toys can be decorated with the many stickers included. The user manual contains recommendations for pasting, however, users can shape the appearance to their liking.

Mioshi Tech's Stryker and Mowag: RC Cars with Automatic Weapons

Mioshi Tech’s Stryker and Movag Warrior Cars are fun RC cars that can keep kids entertained for a fun night out. When buying, you should take into account the impressive number of batteries and the loud sound of the engine. The unequivocal advantages of the models are good maneuverability, controlled weapon modules with automatic reloading and an interactive damage counter that eliminates endless disputes about who actually hit whom.

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