Microcomputer placed in LEGO part

New Zealand engineer James Brown managed to make a tiny computer by embedding it into a part. Lego. In early June, he first demonstrated his novelty.

The modified “brick” is able to simulate the lines of text on the screen of a small display. In practical terms, this craft makes little sense. However, she looks beautiful from all points of view. The appearance of such an addition in Lego constructors would make prefabricated toys doubly attractive.

Therefore, the idea of ​​modifying a model with a truly functional computer drawn is commendable. To create a working PC, Brown took as a basis a simple 32-bit microcontroller with 16 kilobytes of flash memory and 4 kilobytes of “RAM”. The display was a standard OLED-matrix with a diagonal of 0.42 inches and a resolution of 72 by 40 pixels, which makes it possible to display lines imitating text and even animation of the radar. He placed all this in a translucent Lego piece. To make the computer work, you need to put it on a typical battery from lego – after that, the PC will quickly boot up and start showing the specified animation.

And on June 20, a New Zealander demonstrated an already improved Lego mini-computer. Now you can play Doom, a computer game popular in the 90s, on the PC of engineer James Brown. At the same time, this is not just some kind of “cinema”, but a real controlled game. In particular, when running along an endless corridor, the “protagonist” can be tilted to the left or right by pressing special sensors. True, it should be noted that in general the game is launched on another device, and the mini-PC from the cube is used only as a small monitor.

What is the updated version of the cube mini computer Lego you can watch in a short video.

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