London’s Notting Hill Market entered a new round of competition


Thanks to Spanish photographer Marcos Garavelli the famous London market can get its toy version in Lego. Notting Hill Market Project, proposed for discussion in the LEGO Ideas Open Competition, received a magical 10,000 votes and made it to the first round of the 2022 review. Consideration of works of authorship selected by site visitors by a competent jury of specialists from the Danish company is expected in early May.

Marcos Garavelli joined the LEGO Ideas website in 2014, but did not start sharing his designs until 2020. And for the fourth time in this short period, his projects are supported by construction fans! His first success was chocolate house project, which made it to the first review of 2021. But the jury did not open the green way for the Spaniard’s idea to be realized in the form of a real Lego set. The same verdict was received by his work called “Brick Walk”, selected for the second review of ideas in 2021. At present, the specialists of the Danish company are considering its third project “Meeting Point” with a model of a modern railway station.

“Notting Hill Market” impresses with an exact copy of the multi-colored facade of the main building. A variety of kiosks and shops are reflected in the design in detail – and the latter are assembled on the back with open walls, which makes it possible to look inside and get acquainted with the assortment of goods on the shelves. Here you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, crockery, flower decorations, books, antiques and cameras, all kinds of antiques.

An internal staircase in the premises leads to the second floor, where there is an apartment with furnished rooms – a kitchen, a living room and a bedroom.

In general, a combined model with actors in the amount seven minifigures sellers and townspeople gives a good idea of ​​the famous market. The presented game set quite realistically reflects the atmosphere that usually reigns on the Portobello Road of the English capital.

Notting Hill Market Project

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