Lion King’s Castle LEGO Anniversary Set

Exactly 2 months ago, we reported that the Danish company plans to release a jubilee constructor for its 90th anniversary 10305 LEGO The Lion King’s Castle. At the moment, the official announcement of the collection set has already appeared.

Now it is known for sure that the designer will really appear on sale in August, when the anniversary of the Lego brand is celebrated. The forecasts are also confirmed that the basis for the development of the new model was taken “Royal Castle” (6080)released by Lego in 1984. Plus, the cost of the kit will be quite high – 349.99 euros (21,300 rubles).

According to available information, the designer consists of 4514 parts, which makes it possible to build the largest Lego knight’s castle that has ever existed in the prefabricated toys of the Danish company. Only the length of the building will be more than 50 cm.

Description of set locations

The center of the structure will be occupied by a large gatehouse, to which a small drawbridge leads, rising with the help of a rotating wheel mounted on the fortress wall. There is a protective trap covered with bars.

Under the gate to the castle there is an underground room with two cages for keeping captured scouts. At the same time, from the left cell, located behind a large tree, it is possible to arrange an escape for the prisoners, due to the fact that the wall can be partially dismantled.

Above the main gate of the castle is the armory, although according to many commentators, this place would be ideal for the throne room. But, surprisingly, for some reason it won’t.

Also inside the knight’s castle there are:

  • kitchen,
  • canteen,
  • queen’s quarters,
  • treasury,
  • millstones connected to a water wheel.

Leo King's Castle Anniversary Set Details Revealed


Perhaps most notable in the anniversary model will be the inclusion of as many as 20 minifigures in the play area. By the way, many fans assumed that there would be only 12 characters. This allows us to imagine a diverse composition of the inhabitants of the castle, consisting not only of the queen (instead of the usual king!), nine knights of the Lion and two knights of the Falcon, but also civilians, in particular, the forester, farmer, maid and child. The set also includes a Magician Magisto minifigure.

All knights are provided with the appropriate accessories and weapons:

  • various swords,
  • axes,
  • clubs,
  • spears
  • bows and shields.

They have protective helmets and chest armor.

In general, despite the fact that an impressive set 10305 LEGO The Lion King’s Castle declared as a collector’s item, in terms of content it has a huge gaming potential.

Leo King's Castle Anniversary Set Details Revealed

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