Lilo and Stitch’s Lego Ideas Beach House Set

The expert jury began to consider the models that passed the qualifying stage of the open competition of ideas Lego. The authors of the best works, which the Danish manufacturer will release as an official set in the near future, will become known in late May – early June. Meanwhile, website visitors LEGO Ideas have already opened a new list of models for the second review of 2022.

The first candidate for the fall marathon was the project of a construction fan called ItsABricksLife626, about which almost nothing is known. His work is called Lilo & Stitch: The Beach House. She was exhibited on the pages of the online resource back in 2020, and in order to get 10 thousand votes of site visitors, the author had to wait 672 days. It is difficult to answer why it took so long, especially considering that the idea is quite winning and the experts of the Danish company should like it.

The idea is completely based on the plot of the Disney movie “Lilo & Stitch” 2002 Year of release. ItsABricksLife626 offers a tabletop version of the beach house scene with seven fantasy story characters.

Disney fans voted for Lilo & Stitch's beach house among LEGO ideas

The main model is a building with a beautiful white-colored staircase and a spacious veranda in front of the front doors.

Behind them opens a large space with a kitchen-dining room, which smoothly passes into the living room. There is an old record player and Elvis records here. Then there are two bedrooms, separated from the living room and equipped with everything you need: beds and small bedside tables. The walls are decorated with several posters on the walls.

Another door from the living room leads to a small room from where you can go to the backyard or take a small elevator and go up to the observation tower. From the top you have a stunning view of the surroundings.

Disney fans voted for Lilo & Stitch's beach house among LEGO ideas

However, the beach house itself is built on a beautiful place. The left side of the building is erected on the green slope of a natural hill with three palm trees and several shrubs. There is a recreation area under the trees – you can lie in the shade on a hammock and read a book.

The right side of the house is in limbo, as it rests on two supporting posts, creating an open space underneath. It is used to park a family buggy as well as two flying cars. Surfboards are also stored here.

Disney fans voted for Lilo & Stitch's beach house among LEGO ideas

The entire gaming location occupies an area of ​​34 by 27 centimeters, and the height together with the observation tower is 35 cm. Therefore, the author of the project managed to recreate the scene in such detail. If desired, the owners of the model will be able to quite realistically play out the well-known story about the little Skitch – a blue and rather destructive alien who was adopted by the Lilo family.

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