Lego’s AT-AT model mechanism turned out to be defective


The Brixet website reported a discovery in the constructor 75313 LEGO Star Wars “AT-AT” one problem. She can seriously upset buyers of the most expensive set of the “star series”. The essence of the discovered defect is as follows: the owners of the novelty revealed that the hinged mechanisms of the legs of the giant walker do not work. After completion of the assembly work, they are simply wedged, due to which the limbs of the combat vehicle become immobile.

Fans of the toy suggest that the connection of the pin, bushing and axle used in the new modification of the technical frame, as well as the internal arrangement of parts, creates a problem. Attempts to set the limbs in motion by applying physical effort are fraught with damage to structural elements.

A similar jamming occurs on the “belly” of the walker. The mechanism for connecting body parts, which in the model consist of two halves, also jams. This fixation is again influenced by the legs of the giant. True, here the owners of the combat vehicle found a way out: the jamming of the body is removed by shaking the entire model until the fixation loosens.

The Brixet website reported the discovery of a problem in the 75313 LEGO Star Wars

It may seem that these problems are more far-fetched, because it is unlikely that the owners of a huge walker acquired it in order to play. For most, it will become a fixed exhibit of the home collection. But if collectors may not see any particular tragedy in the discovered shortcomings, then for those who are used to disassembling and reworking original models, they are significant. Because, according to commentators, after the jamming of the AT-AT mechanisms, this model cannot be disassembled.


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