“Legoland” in 2022 will be replenished with a new attraction


Legoland Florida to get new attraction in 2022

American Legoland an additional attraction is planned for the coming season. The expansion of the entertainment and gaming complex will be carried out as part of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the unique recreation and entertainment park in the state of Florida.

The novelty is dedicated to the pirate Lego theme, which is extremely popular among young fans of construction. The attraction will allow children and their parents to feel like real medieval pirates:

  • first, visitors will be shown a video that tells about the history of the creation of the attraction and the storyline embedded in it;
  • then guests will be offered to test themselves in the role of sea robbers and go on a “sea voyage”.

Moreover, participation in the original pirate river quest, indeed, implies a boat trip. The guests are included in the team of pirates, made up of employees of the Legoland amusement park, and set sail. Adults and children will take a boat, made in the style of LEGO, down the rivers of the Cypress Gardens. At the end of the journey, they will travel back in time and enter the Middle Ages. Therefore, having landed on the shore, they immediately need to start searching for hidden pirate treasures.



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