Legoland construction begins in Shanghai


A grand event took place in China last week: a groundbreaking ceremony was held in the southwestern Jinshan district of Shanghai new Legoland. The amusement park will cover an area of ​​318,000 square meters. The construction of the facility is being financed by several parties, including Chinese government investment.

Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, Executive Chairman of the LEGO Brand Group, commented on the event:

“Over the past few years, the LEGO brand has expanded its presence and contribution in China. And we were delighted with the positive response that the LEGO brand received in China.

The Lego company’s serious attitude towards China is evidenced by the expansion of cooperation. After all, this park will not be the first joint project – Legoland is expected to open in Sichuan in 2023. The fact that 291 out of 737 LEGO stores are now located in the People’s Republic of China speaks volumes.

The construction of the Shanghai “Legoland” is planned to be completed in less than 3 years. According to the assurances of the Chinese authorities, Legoland Shanghai will open its doors to visitors in 2024.

New Legoland in Shanghai

What will be the new entertainment center for children? It will include 8 themed areas that will reflect branded and popular attractions and rides typical of Legoland in other countries. However, there is a twist.

In general, the design will be built taking into account local characteristics. It follows from this that elements of Chinese culture, architecture and the local natural landscape will become mandatory in the complex. The construction of a separate attraction is planned, completely built in the style of the “Monkey King”. That is, in terms of content, it will be made close to the main theme, the so-called Asian series of LEGO Monkie Kid constructors.

Legoland Shanghai

Recall that in the production cycle of the Danish company, the Monkie Kid line appeared relatively recently – in 2020. It is designed for consumers in the Asian region, which represents a huge market for Lego to sell its products.

The characters and buildings in this series are already very different from those found in all other lines of LEGO constructors. First of all, in an oriental way with bright multi-colored colors and larger sizes. You can imagine how they will look in the built Legoland.


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