LEGO will update the collection of plush minifigures

Plush minifigures Legofirst appeared a few years ago. You can buy such toys as original gifts, for example, by visiting the famous Legolands.

The big disadvantage was that the range of such figures has so far remained quite modest. For this reason, collectible toys based on the designers of only two popular lines, Ninjago and Star Wars, were presented in amusement parks, albeit in very different designs.

Recently, the news came that the situation will soon change and the range of unique Lego minifigures will expand somewhat. The American company Manhattan Toy intends to replenish the plush collection with seven licensed figures of characters from another popular set series: LEGO Harry Potter. This news was reported by the Bricksfanz blog from England, dedicated to “brick” designers.

Plush minifigures coming to LEGO Harry Potter sets

It will present:

  • Harry Potter,
  • Hermione Granger,
  • Ron Weasley
  • Albus Dumbledore,
  • Rubeus Hagrid,
  • Lord Voldemort,
  • Hedwig.

Soft figures of the heroic trio of a story about a little magician and a wizard will turn out to be almost identical in appearance and design. They have identical torsos, they are dressed in gray jumpers over white shirts with colored ties and black trousers. All the toys are the same height – only 30 cm Ron Weasley is taller than the other two, but only two inconspicuous centimeters.

Everything shows that the plush figures of the main characters are developed on the basis of the themed “Harry Potter” sets, which were produced by the Danish company in 2018-2020. What unites these toys is that they will all be sold at the same price: 35.50 euros.

Plush minifigures coming to LEGO Harry Potter sets

Of course, the creators of the collection of plush figures under the license of LEGO “Harry Potter” could not ignore other equally important characters with their attention. Like Albus Dumbledore and Rubeus Hagrid. These well-known characters in Harry’s adventures play a prominent role and are rightfully considered some of the most beloved in the novel and films. The 36cm Albus Dumbledore avatar is featured in the minifigure design from the set. 75948 LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Clock Tower 2019 release.

But the plush figure of the second character can be called a collective image. Because half-breed Rubeus Hagrid’s wild hunter has appeared in many themed building sets like this, most recently in the 75978 LEGO Harry Potter Diagon Alley set released two years ago. By the way, Rubeus Hagrid is the tallest figure in the collection: his height is 39 cm. Accordingly, it costs more than all other plush characters: 41 euros.

Plush minifigures coming to LEGO Harry Potter sets

It was hard to even imagine in the form of a cute plush figure of Lord Voldemort. However, the designers of the Manhattan Toy company managed to translate the image of this character into a soft toy. Moreover, during development, they settled on, perhaps, the most disgusting image of him with a smirk on his face, which was presented in the 75965 LEGO Harry Potter “Duel in the Graveyard” 2019 constructor.

The seventh plush toy of the new collection, Hedwig, also falls somewhat outside the concept of ordinary soft toys. The peculiarity should be attributed to the fact that the figure is not an owl lego in a classic closed form, and an updated version with outstretched wings. This toy will be the lowest in the selection – only about 18 cm. But its wingspan reaches 30 cm.

So, unique plush figures of characters from sets of the most popular series will soon be on sale. LEGO “Harry Potter”. It is noteworthy that, unlike the previous Ninjago and Star Wars soft toys, they can be purchased not only in Legolands, but in ordinary stores. This suggests that every day the demand among Lego fans for plush figures of constructor heroes is only increasing.

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