LEGO will release new botanical sets in 2023

For the first time, sets with the new Botanical Collection were presented by the Danish company Lego just a year ago. During this time, users have already recognized them well, and designers have gained great popularity. They are especially liked by the female half of design fans.

Such sympathy is not at all surprising, because these “brick” bouquets have made a real revolution in the artificial reproduction of fresh flowers. In fact, they brought the prefabricated analogues as close as possible to the original prototypes. Thanks to the incredible reproduction of the color of the petals, leaves, perfectly matched range and incredible similarity with natural flowers, they are almost unrecognizable among real plants. This can be clearly appreciated if you put vases with “brick” and fresh flowers next to them on the windowsill or bookshelf.

True, the Danish manufacturer is in no hurry to expand the “Botanical Collection”, even despite the high interest of consumers. So, in 2022, the series was supplemented with only two sets with “Orchid” and “Succulents”. And the next replenishment is expected only at the beginning of 2023. At least now the network is circulating information about two such designers for an adult audience, which should appear on store shelves in February next year.

The first set under the article 10314 LEGO Icons Wildflower Bouquet will allow you to collect a very beautiful bouquet of hawk, snapdragon, buttercup, forget-me-not and several other types of wildflowers, complemented by branches of bushes. It is assumed that in general the composition will resemble a bouquet from the designer 10280 LEGO Icons Flower Bouquet, which was introduced by the manufacturer in 2021. Therefore, the owner of the novelty will find in the prefabricated set the familiar stems of different lengths, allowing you to harmoniously place the flower arrangement in any home vase. A bouquet of wild flowers is assembled from 939 parts. Set price: 59.99 euros.

Buyers of the second set 10314 LEGO Icons Dry Flower Ornament the developers will offer to assemble a real flower herbarium from 812 “bricks”. They end up with a fairly flat tabletop arrangement, decorated with fall colors of browns, oranges, beiges and greens, that perfectly depicts a collection of dried flowers. The price of this set is 49.99 euros.

It should be noted that the “Botanical Collection” attracts everyone’s attention and interest. This is explained by the fact that the rarest and unique Lego parts appear in each set of this series, as well as interesting technologies are used in the assembly. So, not only flower lovers and collectors, but also connoisseurs of exciting assembly processes will be waiting for new designers.

The Lego botanical collection will be replenished with two sets in early 2023

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