LEGO will release a set with a copy of the car “Ferrari”

Information appeared on social networks that the Danish company plans to release a constructor soon. 42143 LEGO Technic Ferrari Daytona SP3. It will feature a copy of a completely new model of the legendary supercar.

The real prototype of this car (pictured) in an exclusive small-circulation version appeared recently. Moreover, almost the entire circulation of 599 copies was bought up in advance “on order” by long-term customers of the auto giant. The car is rated as the most aerodynamically efficient model of the Italian manufacturer.

Thus, construction fans will become the owners of the original toy Lego. The modular model will allow many motorists to get an initial idea of ​​​​a unique Italian novelty, which can hardly be seen on the streets of ordinary cities. The set is of great interest to collectors, because this car is intended to become a flagship model, replacing the outdated LaFerrari.

The themed set featuring a detailed Ferrari Daytona SP3 “brick” model is expected to be available in toy stores in August. A set of 3778 parts will be sold at a price of 399.99 euros (approximately 27,500 rubles). There are no other details and descriptions on the toy yet. But it is already reported that the release of the designer is expected to be quite limited – the circulation will be only 5,000 copies.

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