LEGO will release a new Friends set. We found all 15 Easter eggs in it.

On June 1st, a new Friends LEGO set will hit stores. In the last issue there was a coffee shop, but this time we are waiting for the apartments of the heroes with a million different details. We tried to consider them all and tell you in which series they could be seen.

s01e03 “The One with the Thumb”

s01e07 “The scene where the lights go out”

s01e15 “The East German Laundry Detergent Episode”

s02e15 “The One Where Ross and Rachel… You Know”

s02e17 “The One Where Eddie Moves In”

s03e02 “The One Where Nobody’s Ready”

s03e08 “The One with the Giant Poking Device”

s03e20 “The One with the Dollhouse”

s03e21 “The One with the Chicken and the Duck”

s04e02 “The One with the Cat”

s05e08 “The One Where Everyone Remembers Their Thanksgivings”

s05e11 “The One Where Everyone Makes Promises”

s05e23 “The One in Vegas Part 1”

s07e11 “The One with the Cheese Pies”

s10e06 “The One with the Ross Grant”

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