Lego will no longer use paper building instructions

Lego’s idea of ​​abandoning paper instructions has been criticized many times by adult building fans. First of all, because the combination of prefabricated toys and digital devices brings children back to smartphones and tablets, from which they want to distract the children with the work of assembling models from sets.

However, the Danish company still intends to put the idea into practice. For this in the city line lego city a special sub-series called “Mission” was invented. The first 3 such sets will be released in June. It: 60353 LEGO City Missions Animal Rescue Missions, 60354 LEGO City Missions Space Exploration Missions and 60355 LEGO City Missions Water Police Detective Missions. On the front side of the branded boxes of each of the game sets, along with a picture of the future model and characters, a tablet is depicted.

The idea of ​​the developers of the new kit format is to turn the assembly process into a real story, adapted to a specific constructor. “Building Journey” consists of eight missions, in each of which the models are created using their own imagination and creative views. That is, complete freedom for experiments is offered, because there are no “right” or “wrong” designs in them.

Lego’s latest innovation is designed to immerse kids in a fantasy world of interactive adventures and missions that they can master without a paper building guide. Young designers will only need to follow the recommendations of the character on the screen, and create their own creations.

Lego wants to ditch paper building instructions

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