Lego will introduce a nano-glove in August

A message appeared on the Internet that in August the Danish company will present fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with an original gift. They will be the designer 76223 LEGO Marvel Nano-Glove.

The first information about this new product was published online by a fan under the nickname exabrickslegogo. According to the majority of thematic experts, the news is trustworthy, since such a proposal will be a logical continuation of all previous and planned for May-August serial sets.

It is assumed that Nano Gauntlet will consist of six stones of Infinity, which allowed Tony Stark to possess unprecedented power. The model will be made with comfortable fingers, from details and elements of classic red, gold and silver colors. First of all, it corresponds to the original version of the unique weapon of the superheroes from the movie. “Avengers: Infinity War”. In addition, such a color palette is perfectly associated with almost all Iron Man suits.

Thus, the large-scale model promises to be as identical as possible to its prototype in terms of shape, fine detailing and design. Well, fans of construction can only hope that the set will be released on time and wait for the new items to appear in stores.

Lego's large-scale version of the Nano-Glove will be unveiled in August

Attention: this publication uses illustrations from the old thematic constructors of the Marvel series.

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