Lego VIDIYO sets have fallen in price by 30%


According to recent news reports, the Danish company first suspended and then announced complete cessation of production of VIDIYO series kits. A relatively young project unexpectedly failed. The young audience that Lego was counting on did not take it properly and the “musical” constructors were not in demand. An attempt to understand the failure of sales, in the end, led to the conclusion that the project is subject to immediate liquidation due to the futility of further development. Unfortunately, it also happens.

After that, the question arose of what to do with those commodity stocks that managed to accumulate in the warehouses of company stores due to the released sets. The LEGO Group has been selling them off. At the same time, to accomplish this task, the Danes went to a significant reduction in the initial cost of all VIDIYO game sets and beatboxes. So, today, “musical” prefabricated toys are sold at a 30% discount.

Thanks to this, each customer can purchase sets with miniature figures of characters representing pop singers at reduced prices: for 3.39 euros (292 rubles) instead of the previous 4.99 euros (429 rubles). The range of cheap Lego products offered to residents of Europe and America includes as many as 14 VIDIYO sets! If anyone is interested in music and play sets in this series, then it’s time to get them at a bargain price.

Lego has reduced the prices of sets from the closing VIDIYO series by 30%


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