LEGO VIDIYO sets are now officially on sale


LEGO today announced the first release of the all-new VIDIYO set. The new press release contains more details from the first announcement, as well as a presentation of new types of products. The new LEGO VIDIYO set comes with 3 elements: BeatBoxes, Bandmates and BeatBits. The first release of the sets, scheduled for March 1st, will include six unique portable BeatBoxes, each containing a minifigure representing a specific musical genre. The brightly colored tiles in every BeatBox are BeatBits. Each BeatBox contains two special BeatBits and 14 random BeatBits. In addition to 6 BeatBoxes, the series will include 12 Bandmates.

Unlike the BeatBoxes, the Bandmates are smaller and are Mystery-Box collectibles containing one minifigure and 3 BeatBits – one special and two random. LEGO VIDIYO products will be available from March 1st. The price of BeatBoxes is 1499 ₽, and the collectible Bandmates are 399 ₽.

43101 Bandmates – Series 1 | 399 ₽

43102 Candy Mermaid BeatBox | 1499 ₽

43103 Punk Pirate Beatbox | 1499 ₽

43104 Alien DJ BeatBox | 1499 ₽

43105 Party Llama BeatBox | 1499 ₽

43106 Unicorn DJ BeatBox | 1499 ₽

43107 HipHop Robot BeatBox | 1499 ₽

The sets will be synced with the new app, which is already available. Here are the detailed instructions from the press release on how to activate LEGO VIDIYO:

Download the app. The LEGO VIDIYO app works with and without real VIDIYO elements – the free trial has minifigures, songs and BeatBits to try out.

Choose a song. A huge selection of regularly updated tracks, all genres are represented on the basis of Universal Music Group.

Scan beat bits and minifigures. You can load up all your characters to create a band of 3 musicians and 2 performers using the included minifigures. After scanning, select your characters and customize their appearance, write the name of the band and select covers.

Time to play! Select the characters for the 1 minute performance and the desired BeatBits, each with a color value. Black for visuals, pink for costumes, aquamarine for sound effects, orange for comedic effects, yellow for dance moves, green for scene and backdrop changes. Then scan the scene: it can be your bedroom, backyard or brick model, the place is scanned in 3 seconds, and the reverse time is turned on.

Share art. You can choose the best 5, 10 or 20 seconds of performance, upload and share with other young creators of the masterpiece in the application feed, as soon as you pass the moderation. Any content with personal information, such as children in the foreground in a video, will not be moderated, but may be stored locally in the app for private use with friends or family members.

Develop your music video making talent. Participate in challenges where you can use only specific effects or create clips inspired by seasonal or cultural events! Challenges help develop your creative skills and gain access to new achievements, such as unlocking new costumes. Watch clips from other creators and discover new music with the VIDIYO app’s newsfeed.

Fans can get closer to the world of VIDIYO with a capsule clothing collection inspired by LLAMA and produced by Bravado, UMG’s merch leader.


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