LEGO VIDIYO music series project closes


It would seem that the Danish company offered consumers a completely unique idea of ​​​​combining traditional brick building with modern technology. Thanks to this novelty, anyone could create real music videos. For the film adaptation of the author’s film, it was only necessary;

  • build the appropriate decoration from the parts of the set,
  • install tiles with musical and light effects,
  • and put in the center a miniature figurine of the main character and hand him a microphone.

Then it was necessary to download a special application on a smartphone, use it to “revive” the studio and start filming the video.

In general, the idea was considered revolutionary. According to the plan of the authors of the project, such a creative play on a combination of different technologies should have attracted everyone’s attention. But, alas and ah, the LEGO VIDIYO series didn’t get the response it deserved from the kids it was originally aimed at.

Recall that back in July 2021, the Lego company announced that it was suspending the release of LEGO VIDIYO ostensibly to evaluate performance and test new ideas. Now the true reason for the stoppage of production is becoming clear: on January 31, 2022, the release of VIDIYO physical products will stop completely. However, through 2024, Lego will continue to support the application so that those who purchase Lego sets LEGO VIDIYOwere able to continue making music videos.

LEGO VIDIYO music series project decided to close


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