LEGO Universe Soundtrack Remastered for 10th Anniversary


In honor of the 10th anniversary of the LEGO Universe, the company is releasing a soundtrack for the game for the first time. It is composed by Brian Tyler (known for composing the music for much of the Fast & Furious franchise and Avengers: Age of Ultron). The soundtrack for an online multiplayer game has never before been available offline from the game. The new remastered version will be accompanied by several episodes of the LEGO Bricks N’ Bits podcast, as well as interviews with Brian, the game’s producer Richard Deckard, and Sir Patrick Stewart, who provided the game’s voice acting.

LEGO Universe was released in 2010, and it was the company’s first step into the world of MMO games. The game was warmly received, but the project was canceled in January 2012, just 15 months after its debut.

The soundtrack will be available for purchase or streaming on all standard platforms. LEGO also says it will be available on the official LEGO Gaming YouTube channel.

Official LEGO press release:

Billund, February 24, 2021. In December, the LEGO Group celebrated the 25th anniversary of its first-ever video game with the release of the popular Bits N’ Bricks podcast series. Today, the company is celebrating another milestone with the first release of the LEGO® Universe (Original Game Soundtrack) after being remastered for purchase and streaming. The soundtrack is accompanied by three episodes of the Bits N’ Bricks podcast reviewing the game’s creation. Today’s episode is a conversation with composer Brian Tyler, producer Richard Deckard, and the voice of the LEGO Universe: Sir Patrick Stewart.

LEGO Universe is the company’s first multiplayer online game, launched in October 2010. The soundtrack was written for it by Brian Tyler with the participation of John Harman and Richard Deckard. Tyler is now a famous Hollywood composer. He has composed soundtracks for successful mega-blockbusters including Avengers: Age of Ultron and Iron Man 3. The soundtrack for the LEGO Universe game was the first since his musical contributions to the feature films Konstantin and The Paradise Project. The soundtrack was created with the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra, but due to a busy schedule, Tyler ended up watching the entire recording live from a studio in Los Angeles, using audio and video streaming between the countries.

LEGO Universe music has been played at the entrance to LEGOLAND ® parks around the world and has proven to be very popular with fans. Despite its popularity, the soundtrack is still not available for purchase or streaming.

For the milestone anniversary, Tyler and Deckard have come together to completely remaster the score, which the LEGO Group is proud to release today (Wednesday, February 24) on popular digital music stores and streaming services. The album will also be available on YouTube with an additional behind-the-scenes video. Patrick Stewart, the voice of the narrator in the game, will also appear in this video.

During the remastering, Tyler said, “I’m really proud of the music and proud of the acting. I get asked all the time: “Are they going to be in the public domain?” I sincerely thought to myself, “I hope so!” I really want this for the fans, so I will do my best for the whole world to see and hear it.”

To learn more about the origin, creation, launch and eventual closure of the LEGO Universe, and other key moments in the LEGO Group’s long and rich history of gaming, listen to the Bits N’ Bricks podcast. Hosted by journalist Brian Crescente and documentarian Ethan Vincent, the podcast is based on over 120 interviews and explores the full range of LEGO games, from unreleased projects to beloved masterpieces.

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