Lego toys are not just for boys!


The Danish manufacturer has started a new company Ready for Girls, which is intended to focus on the fact that prefabricated sets are created for all children of any gender. The reason for this step was the results of a special LEGO gender study on the eve of World Girls’ Day.

The survey, in which parents and children from various countries, including Russia, took part, showed that most girls show great interest in designers. However, with age, they are forced, for stereotypical reasons, to switch to other games that are perceived in society as more suitable activities for girls. Therefore, despite the fact that girls also want to play with LEGO, 76% of parents encourage boys in this direction, and only 24% of dads and moms will support their girls.

Representatives of the Lego company call this approach of parents biased and incorrect, interfering with the same creative development of children. The division of any game by gender is a categorically wrong way of education. Here the main factor should be the personal interest of the child. And the right to choose should be given to them.

The Lego Company believes in the value of learning through play and that both boys and girls can develop creativity in the 21st century with LEGO games. Children, regardless of gender, should have the same opportunities to develop their creative potential.

It is from these positions that the Danish manufacturer intends to develop in the future almost all the lines of manufactured construction sets.


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