Lego toy store robbed in Germany


The developers of the designers of the Danish company seem to have new idea for a set police theme. And it throws her recent “heist of the century”. Last weekend, a children’s toy store located in the German city of Lippstadt in North Rhine-Westphalia was robbed. Unknown people managed to get into the trading floor, breaking through a meter-wide hole on one of the walls of the building.

The police who arrived at the scene of the crime recorded in the inspection report a hundred branded packages from Lego constructors printed and scattered around the store. According to the RP-Online portal, the robbers took only plastic “bricks” with them, opening and taking the contents of 100 boxes with sets. Obviously, the thieves ended up in the LEGO store for a reason, because everything suggests that they originally had a goal: to take out as much building material as possible.

An unusual crime is being investigated. Now the police of the city of Lippstadt is looking for witnesses to the incident, hoping to find people who will help get on the trail of the robbers.

Designers “Lego” fell into the sphere of interests of criminal gangs in different countries. In October, it was reported that police in the Australian city of Victoria detained two men involved in the theft for the resale of Lego sets totaling $100,000. Even earlier there was information about similar incidents in France and the United States. However, against their background, what happened in Germany should be categorized as a special robbery due to the fact that the criminals took away only the details of the sets, throwing out the boxes.


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