LEGO surprises for Harry Potter fans in 2023

In the cinematography of new films about the adventures of a young magician and wizard Harry Potter not out for a long time. Nevertheless, in the “world of cubes” thematic constructors are still among the most popular. Therefore, the Lego company intends to produce them in the future.

In 2023, all fans are waiting for prefabricated kits with Harry and his best friends Ron and Hermione. However, fans will see the first wave of serial novelties only in early March. In total, at least 12 prefabricated sets are expected to appear in the first half of 2023.

According to ubiquitous bloggers, an additional expansion of the Hogwarts modular building is planned to more accurately reproduce the episode with the second task from the Trimagic Tournament. Among the new products in 2023, one large exclusive designer will be released in the fall. In addition to all of the above, there will be a premiere of four newly-minted sets for those fans of construction who are just starting to get acquainted with Harry Potter in Lego.

The information leaked to social networks today on upcoming new products in the line is still extremely scarce. More or less details are known about only three sets.

First of all, there is a description of the sets under the numbers 76409-76412 under the general name “Hogwarts House Banner”. There are no new LEGO Harry Potter books planned for next year, so brick banners will take their place.

In particular, new sets with models of four iconic Hogwarts buildings will be released:

  • Gryffindor,
  • Slytherin,
  • ravenclaw,
  • Hufflepuff.

The design of each of them will be built in the form of a book, opening which the owner will receive a small game location with three figures of the heroes of the story. Presumably one of the teachers and two students of the school of wizardry and magic.

What Lego Harry Potter fans can expect in 2023

2020 LEGO Harry Potter Wishing Room 75966

The next constructor will be 76413 LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Wishing Room. The last time such a buildable model was presented in the 2020 set of the same name. But then it was developed according to the old layout of Hogwarts, and therefore it turned out to be rather small in its parameters. In March 2023, Harry Potter fans will have a new “wishing room” that matches the modern modular building of the school and, therefore, will be much larger than the previous version in size.

According to bloggers, the novelty will be based on the eighth and final Harry Potter films. This will obviously please fans of the series, who have long wanted to become owners of models based on later films. Moreover, the famous demonic fire lit by Goyle will be presented in the form of a fiery snake.

What specific characters are included in the game kit is still unknown. But we can already assume that the plot will not do without Harry, Ron, Hermione, Malfoy, Goyle or Zabini.

The greatest attention of the admirers of the young magician and wizard, no doubt, will cause a set of 76420 LEGO Harry Potter 3 Wizards of Black Lake Challenge. Most likely, it will become a kind of updated version of models from the designer 4762 LEGO Harry Potter Water People Rescue, released in 2005. Thus, fans had to wait more than 15 years to once again become the owners of the Trimagic Tournament 2nd Exam Compilation Toy.

The prefabricated structure will be a location of one wooden observation tower and an underwater stage. According to preliminary information, the set will include minifigures of Harry, Hermione, Ron, Viktor Krum and a water man.

That’s about all we know about the new Harry Potter sets coming in 2023. We will definitely share all the new information in the news on our website!

What Lego Harry Potter fans can expect in 2023

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