LEGO Star Wars accessories


In 2022, fans of the most popular line of designers “Star Wars” will be able to supplement the ranks of miniature soldiers and combat arsenal with new types of weapons. Lego_club on Instagram reports that the Danish manufacturer has planned the release of special Lego sets with matching accessories. Their equipment will be designed for both “star” clone troopers and rebel soldiers from the planets of Hoth.

Similar information appeared on the thematic online sites of construction fans this year and earlier. However, the author of the new message names specific constructor articles, which inspires confidence in the message.

So, under the number 40558 the first set will be released. It is stated that the set will be built on the plot of the second chronological episode of the franchise “Attack of the Clones”. It may include minifigures of 3 clone troopers, as well as models of a forward post and an additional set of rifles. That is, the expected set will be potentially ideal in order to recreate an armed clone army.

The second set, item 40557, will be based on the Battle of Hoth. It, like the first one, is expected to feature 3 miniature soldier figurines, this time depicting Hoth rebels, as well as 3 turrets 1.4 FD-P and 2 blaster cannons.

The cost of new sets of accessories is also reported – at $ 14.99.

If these rumors are confirmed, then the owners of the sensational designer 75313 LEGO Star Wars AT-AT there will be a chance to replenish the soldiers with new characters.


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