“Lego” staged a summer vacation

July will be perhaps the quietest month of 2022 in terms of the release of new designers Lego. So it’s not for nothing that some construction fans jokingly say that the Danish company decided to arrange a real summer vacation for itself.

This statement fully confirms the very modest range of July products of the popular brand. For example, from large prefabricated sets, only 2 sets are expected to arrive on the shelves of company stores:

  • 10303 LEGO ICONS (former Galaxy Explorer) Rollercoaster;
  • 21334 LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet.

A lot of commentators, after reviewing the July catalog of Lego products, suggested that this was just the calm before the storm. They hint that the next month will not only be rich in new construction sets, but also the most expensive for construction fans. Because in August and September, the Danish manufacturer’s announced price increase will begin.

Therefore, fans recommend that their like-minded people take advantage of the lull and save up money to buy August new products. This advice has a rational grain. It was already known in advance that at the end of the summer, amazing kits would indeed arrive, officially announced by company representatives as part of an online conference held in June LEGO CON 2022.

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