Lego sets with marriage are popular


The hype around the rejected Lego set

Unexpected refusal of a Danish manufacturer to send a second gift set to toy stores 40489 LEGO Mr. and Mrs. Claus Living Room received an equally unexpected continuation. Recall that this set was planned as a free Christmas gift to buyers of new Lego constructors. However, the company suddenly announced that the set did not meet quality standards and decided to remove it from the bonus program.

Meanwhile, a rejected set in Poland was put up for auction on eBay. The organizers of unusual auctions not without reason counted on the response of buyers. The initial bid for 40489 LEGO Mr. and Mrs. Claus Living Room, announced at the beginning of the auction, increased 10 times in just a few hours and amounted to $ 735 (approximately 61,300 rubles)! Commentators are sure that this is not the limit. Until the end of the weekly auction, the price can change a lot, and only in the direction of growth.

All this is explained quite simply: such specimens with marriage (not only in the “world of cubes”) always arouse increased interest among collectors. Because they understand that this may be their only chance to own the set. 40489 LEGO Mr. and Mrs. Claus Living Room. Most likely, the resulting hype will lead to the fact that the cost of a rejected designer will even exceed the price of some of the latest Lego novelties.

40489 LEGO Mr. and Mrs. Claus Living Room



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