LEGO sets will come to Russia through parallel imports

After the official departure of the Danish Lego brand from the Russian toy market, construction fans lost the opportunity to replenish their home collections with new designers. True, they soon had hopes for the resumption of supplies of “brick” models.

The Ministry of Industrial Trade of the Russian Federation has included Lego products in the list of permitted goods for parallel imports. We had to wait a long time for the implementation of such a plan to begin – the first results appeared only in August.

Now in the stores of the World of Cubes chain, the assortment of goods has been updated, replenished with many new products for 2022, delivered through parallel imports. Thus, fans of branded designers from Denmark can breathe a sigh of relief. Well, skeptics, who managed to bury the availability of Lego sets for Russians forever, admit that they rushed to “deadly” conclusions.

The first signs of parallel import of new Lego products have begun work

In fairness, it must be admitted, the resumption of sales of new sets Lego not everything looks in rainbow colors. Russian construction fans found with some surprise that the prices for Lego bricks in the World of Cubes stores remained at the same high level as they were before.

It seems that the sellers sell the received sets at the ruble to dollar exchange rate, which was in January-February 2022, and not today. So, for example, the constructor 76208 LEGO Marvel Goat Boat the trading network offers to buy for 5999 rubles, while at the current exchange rate of the Russian ruble it should cost around 3 thousand. Or here’s another set 76943 LEGO Jurassic World Pteranodon Chase sold at a price of 2299 rubles, which also does not correspond to the real exchange rate of the ruble. Why this happens is unclear.

The first signs of parallel import of new Lego products have begun work

In general, buying construction sets from a favorite manufacturer costs Russian fans Lego frankly expensive. Well, the most profitable way to become the owner of the treasured sets today is to buy prefabricated sets abroad.

In European countries, as well as Turkey, the cost of the Danish company’s products is still more affordable. It looks like it will be so even after the expected price increase in September. At least, sets “over the hill” are noticeably cheaper than in Russia. Only now, not everyone will be able to take advantage of shop tourism abroad, which means that such a way of saving in itself is very problematic for most Russians.

The first signs of parallel import of new Lego products have begun work

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