LEGO revealed the secret of the pyramid of Cheops

Official online store Lego announced the June replenishment of its assortment with a designer for adults 21058 LEGO Architecture Pyramid of Cheops. It is already known that the set includes 1476 parts. The price of the kit will be 139.99 euros (10167 rubles).

About half a month ago, we shared the news about the secrets reigning around this expected new product. Now it is possible to understand how the assumptions coincided with the real prefabricated kit.

In general, the alleged descriptions turned out to be largely accurate. Indeed, the model reflects a “white stone” version of the Cheops pyramid with a golden “tip” on top, built in the 26th century BC. At the same time, the surface of the toy structure is made removable. This allows you to remove it and get acquainted with the internal arrangement of the ancient tomb of the pharaohs, and how it was built.

The inclusion in the composition was also confirmed:

  • adjacent territory with the Nile River;
  • various buildings in the form of two small pyramids;
  • two temples of the dead;
  • statues of the Sphinx and an obelisk,
  • builders’ villages;
  • trees growing at the foot of the pyramid.

But the staircase to the entrance turned out to be more modest than expected, along the length of the flight of stairs. But on the other hand, the “water part” of the location looks great – the Nile River with old sailboats has become a terrific addition.

The location turns out to be quite large in size: it will take 35 cm in length, 32 cm in width, and the height of the main building will be 20 cm. However, the Cheops pyramid itself in this set is presented in a truncated version – only half of the historical object can be built. This becomes clear when the model is turned upside down.

Apparently, the creators in this way wanted to provide an overview of the inner space of the tomb. But it may well be that this is a cunning marketing ploy of the Danish manufacturer’s specialists. It is not for nothing that the official press release includes advice that instead of one, 2 designers should be purchased at once. In this scenario, it will definitely turn out to become the owners of a complete pyramid model. Of course, fans of the architectural line can take such a step, but only to make models of the surrounding territory from the second set?

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