Lego released a new set based on the movie “The Eternals” from “Marvel”


A toy starship from the movie “The Eternals”, which the creators of the new set are offering to build 76156 LEGO Marvel Rise of the Domo, will attract the attention of even seasoned design fans. This “triangle” looks more like a cut off slice of pizza than a spacecraft. Nevertheless, the next constructor of the series, like all the previous ones, will offer the child an exciting and dynamic game. For this, everything you need will be at your disposal.

The main toy, a starship of an unusual design, will help the owner of the set to go on a long journey to complete an important mission. But first, the young commander should get acquainted with the crew. The set features 6 characters from The Eternals: Makkari, Ikaris, Thena, Sersi, Druig and Fastos. At the same time, the last 2 heroes in Lego constructors appear for the first time, so that collectors have the opportunity to replenish their home collections with exclusive minifigures.

Then, together with the crew members, you need to study the arrangement of the ship and its combat equipment. This is easy to do thanks to the opening panels on the sides. We note right away that, despite the relatively small dimensions, the developers of the 22-cm model managed to recreate the interior of the spacecraft well. There is a spacious pilot’s cabin with flight control equipment, a weapons bay with a combat arsenal, and a laboratory.

The toy is designed to recreate the battle between the Eternals and the evil Deviants, so the set includes 2 superhero enemy figures. So their appearance next to the starship will be the signal to start the battle.


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