Lego recommendations to AT-AT buyers


We have already reported that in the model from the most expensive constructor 75313 LEGO Star Wars “AT-AT” revealed some flaws. In particular, it was reported that the movable elements of the legs are jammed. Among other things, this does not allow the owners of the walker to disassemble the structure if necessary. The Lego Company has released an official statement on the matter. It follows from this that in all LEGO sets, including those with the AT-AT model, the possibility of rebuilding the structure is initially provided. Here are the recommendations provided by the manufacturer:

“This set is a hard build aimed at ages 18+ and uses tech to protect the elements of the set. Once assembled, these parts are sometimes harder to take apart, but it’s still possible. In the case of elements that attach the top of the body to the bottom of the set, builders must tap the side of the Technic rod until it pops out and then remove it with the LEGO tool that comes with the set. Alternatively, you can turn the model on its side and the rods will come out.

75313 LEGO Star Wars

As for the parts used to make the legs; once assembled, Technic rods can be removed by sliding the rod off one end and securing the end with a fingernail. Then move back the lateral axle extension and keep repeating this movement until the end protrudes enough to be removed.”

After this statement, according to Western bloggers, some owners of the novelty decided to check the recommendations of Lego specialists for the sake of interest. However, in practice, not all volunteers managed to disassemble the walker model in this way.


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