LEGO Pet Dinosaurs available in 3 countries

The Brickset thematic site and many other resources recently told their subscribers the good news about the imminent arrival of an exclusive designer in Lego online stores 40366 LEGO Pet Dinosaurs. However, the joy of the fans was somewhat premature, as the set appeared only on online platforms in three countries: Denmark, Great Britain and Ireland. Naturally, the question arose: what is the reason for this restriction of availability and who is to blame?

The reason, it turned out, was that the packaging and assembly instructions for the “brick” kit did not meet the legal requirements necessary for distribution in many countries around the world. As a result, the joy of design fans quickly changed to universal disappointment. But should fans be so worried about the unavailability of this, albeit exclusive, 40366 LEGO Pet Dinosaurs set? After all, the Danish Lego company has produced similar sets with these very ancient predators more than once. What is the problem? However, everything would be so if the novelty really did not turn out to be unique.

Lego sets with exclusive dinosaurs are only available in three countries

Dinosaurs in the Gallery of Masterpieces

Models of the set in question were developed by designer Nina Kupman. She took as a basis the images of three almost 3-meter cult dinosaurs, created from more than 600 thousand “bricks”. They welcome visitors to the LEGO House in the Masterpiece Gallery. An exclusive construction set of 865 parts allows you to assemble small copies of dinosaurs from the gallery, retaining all the “individual” features.

“One of the biggest challenges when creating a design is to replicate all the features of large sculptures,” admitted Nina Kupman, “The models in the gallery are built from three different types of Lego – DUPLO, Technic and System. Our work is especially visible in the design of the yellow dinosaur, where we used gears and fans to make it look like LEGO Technic.

The set in question was originally released in 2019 as a memento for visitors to the Brick House in Billund. That is, only buyers who directly arrived at the home of the cube in Denmark and visited the LEGO House itself could become the owners of the souvenir set. Now it’s clear why Lego fans are really hunting for such prefabricated sets?

An additional attraction for collectors in this novelty is given by the following feature: the assembled models can be used both as toys and as exhibits at the same time. Here is how the designer of the project explains this highlight:

“Our goal was to create an exact copy of the big dinosaurs, not forgetting the movable elements in the neck, arms and legs, so that they could be played with. The construction of all three models was deliberately made different from each other to make the assembly interesting, and the bases are separate buildings and can be easily detached from the dinosaurs.

Interestingly, in the spring of 2020, the constructor 40366 LEGO Pet Dinosaurs already listed for sale on The Danish company violated the established rules in connection with the quarantine due to the pandemic. But, it should be noted that even then the set was available only in some European countries. And now, after more than two years, the Danish manufacturer is making a second attempt to make an exclusive designer available to a wide range of fans of the “world of cubes” and again steps on the same rake of restrictions. Of course, we should not rule out that this is a kind of marketing ploy to increase the hype around the unique prefabricated kit.

Despite the current situation, many building fans remain hopeful and believe that the 40366 LEGO set featuring iconic dinosaurs will eventually become available to the public in every country.

Lego sets with exclusive dinosaurs are only available in three countries

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