Lego Overwatch fans have been waiting for a new set for a year


Back in early 2021, the first reports about this new product in the line appeared on the Internet. Overwatch. But only now, in December, the January rumors materialized into a real Lego product. On the website of the online store lagranderecre published pictures of the long-awaited designer 76980 LEGO Overwatch Titan.

Construction fans assume that such a delay occurred for objective reasons. The point is the suspension of the release of the second part of the multiplayer shooter Overwatch 2, which was postponed several times. It is the plot of the popular video game that becomes the basis for the development of all thematic sets of the Danish company. Now Overwatch 2 has been delayed again until 2023. Therefore, Lego decided not to wait any longer for an informational occasion and gave the green light to the implementation of its own finished project.

The new constructor will consist of 901 parts. with its help, it will be possible to recreate the image of the heavily armed Titan of Zero Sector, which the audience saw in the first trailer for Overwatch 2. A red stone glows brightly on the chest of a large mech. According to the game plot, this Titan is opposed by enemies represented by well-known characters of the cult series Tracer and Mei. The last minifigure is of the most interest to fans, as Mei has not yet appeared in any Lego set.

The sale of the set 76980 LEGO Overwatch Titan expected by February 1, 2022. Price – 79.99 euros (6658 rubles).


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