“Lego” officially introduced nano-gloves

All fans of the Marvel series are waiting for a copy of the unique nano-glove from the Avengers: Endgame movie. For the first time, messages about the forthcoming release of a set with such an interesting souvenir appeared on social networks a few months ago. And the other day the official announcement about the long-awaited constructor was published 76223 LEGO Marvel Iron Man Nano Glove with photos of the new model.

According to preliminary information, the assembly set for adults of 675 parts will appear on the shelves of toy stores in early September. The constructor will be sold at a price of 69.99 euros.

What is the new nano glove? In terms of size, the novelty almost corresponds to a similar collector’s model from last year’s set. 76191 LEGO Marvel Infinity Gauntlet. The height is 31 cm, the width is 12 cm and the depth is 9 cm.

Nano-gloves from

Comparison of the new nano-gauntlet with the Infinity Gauntlet

According to the plot of the cult film “Avengers: Endgame” this nano gauntlet was co-designed by Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, and Rocket Raccoon. The first practical use is shown in the big battle scene. It was with the help of the Nano-Glove that Iron Man defeated Thanos. So the assembled model will help fans recreate the spirit of the superhero movie.

This detailed replica of the legendary Iron Man Nano Gauntlet impresses with its high-fidelity reflection of the original with six Infinity Stones. Plus, she has movable fingers – which only enhances the impression of the toy. To achieve this perception, the creators of the nano-glove cleverly used, first of all, a combination of dark red, pearl and silver details. It is also important that even experienced builders, when working on a model, will discover elements unknown to themselves and new assembly techniques.

Nano-gloves from

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