Lego Offers Free Playable MRI Scanners to Hospitals


The LEGO Foundation has announced unique charity event. During this event, the company intends to donate 600 designers with models of magnetic resonance imaging scanners to hospitals.

The idea with a LEGO model of an MRI scanner came to the mind of an employee of the company, Erik Ullerlund Ster, back in 2015. He realized that in this way it is possible to help medical workers prepare children in advance for treatment using this device. The buildable toy is designed to reduce children’s anxiety and make the upcoming procedure look like a game, and therefore less scary for them.

According to the manufacturer of the construction sets, literally any medical institution with departments of radiology and MRI, regardless of the country and location, has the opportunity to make an official application and receive this original gift from Lego.

What is the purpose of the Danish company? This can be understood from the widespread LEGO press release.

“I’m very proud of this project and the positive impact it’s already had,” says Erik Ullerlund Star, Technician Chemist at the LEGO Group. They make them feel more relaxed and turn an often very stressful experience into a positive, playful one.

The toy is designed with child psychology in mind – it teaches them through a playful approach that is perceived by children more productively and quickly reinforces the development of new skills. That is, it is a great “training space” that features medical equipment, staff, and a boy undergoing a scan.

Positive experience using a toy scanner LEGO M.R.I. already validated in 100 hospitals worldwide. The model is accompanied by free information support. In particular, the Lego Foundation has specially developed 4 educational videos that will help medical staff prepare children for MRI with a toy scanner.


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