LEGO Minifigure Factory Pilot

At the end of July 2022, the so-called pilot version of the LEGO Minifigure Factory program was presented. And already on September 9, this project completes its work.

The essence of the program was that fans of the “world of cubes” were given the opportunity for $ 11.99 to create their own miniature Lego figures without leaving their homes. After that, the organizers of the event sent the created character in the usual “brick” form to the author.

The cost of the service was not exactly cheap, but many Lego fans felt that the new service deserved such costs. The online factory provided project participants with a variety of tools to personalize their hero in order to create truly unique characters: parts, icons, stickers and other interesting graphic elements.

Will LEGO Minifigure Factory Pilot Become a Worldwide Project?

In general, remote assembly was fundamentally not much different from working with physical parts from Lego constructors. Well, the most amazing moment for most fans was that the miniature figure they created with the help of virtual parts was transformed into a real toy. This is what attracted the participants of the experiment most of all and at the same time led them to real delight.

Note that similar Minifigure Factory is now working in some of the flagship stores of the Danish Lego brand. In them, you can do exactly the same manipulations described above, and also receive the assembled product in your hands. The only difference is that all this happens offline. But, unfortunately, only a limited number of construction fans can use this service, because not everyone lives in large metropolitan areas. But the online version of the “Minifigure Factory” allows you to expand the availability of the service for almost all consumers, regardless of their place of residence.

We will soon find out what conclusions the Lego company will make after the experiment. Ultimately, everything will depend on how the pilot program managed to identify the real demand for the Minifigure Factory service. If it really was large, then it would make sense to deploy the project on a global scale.

Will LEGO Minifigure Factory Pilot Become a Worldwide Project?

All images in the publication feature minifigures created by members of the LEGO Minifigure Factory project.

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