LEGO may release The Office set ahead of schedule

This rarely happens in the history of Lego, but there are exceptions everywhere. As a rule, author’s projects that have become winners of the ideas contest are released as a branded set after at least a year and a half.

However, after the other day the Lego company published a teaser of the upcoming set on social networks 21336 LEGO Ideas The Office, Western bloggers came to the conclusion that this new product will appear ahead of time. So in the coming days, everyone is looking forward to the official presentation of the new designer.

What made the lovers of the “world of cubes” come to such a conclusion? A specific demonstration of a yellow pudding, or rather, that the jelly shown in the teaser with a stapler inside is borrowed from the scene of the famous “office” movie. It is in this way that one of his heroes named Jim decides to play a trick on his friend Dwight. In turn, this episode is directly related to the author’s model Jaidzai Lewis, which in October 2021 the designers of the Danish company LEGO Ideas declared the winner of the contest of ideas. In general, the puzzle has formed into a single picture, because such coincidences at Lego are not accidental.

What is the reason for such an accelerated recruitment promotion 21336 LEGO Ideas The Office? For now, this can only be guessed at. Construction fans are hoping to hear clarification on this issue during what they expect to be the presentation of the novelty. It is possible that this will happen literally next week, when the Comic Con event takes place in San Diego.

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