LEGO Marvel Iron Man Workshop Coming in June

Constructor 76216 LEGO Marvel Iron Man Workshop, which is expected to be released in June, is hardly new in the full sense of the word. Because it is a remake of previous sets in the series, such as 2019’s Iron Man Hall of Armor and 2020’s Iron Man.

The set comes out in early summer and will include 496 parts, 8 minifigures. The price of the kit will be 89.99 euros (approximately 6400 rubles). From it, 7-year-old construction fans are invited to recreate a model of the famous Tony Stark laboratory with 2-story exhibition cabinets for armor, as well as a workstation, tool, mounting pedestal and other elements.

What is the difference between new and old sets?

The fact that the created models and objects will turn out to be more detailed, due to which they realistically reflect objects familiar from the film: the hand of a robot assistant, a work area with a set of tools, many authentic accessories. Plus, the kit includes a sports car – a small copy of the Audi R8 cabriolet with a model card “from Stark Expo” in the cabin.

Well, the most attractive in the June set 76216 LEGO Marvel Iron Man Workshop will be the presence of eight miniature figures:

  • tony stark,
  • Pepper Potts,
  • nick fury,
  • classic Iron Man MK3 Armor,
  • MK25 and MK85 Iron Man suits,
  • Military vehicle and armor MK2 Whiplash.

From the pictures, the minifigures and armor have received some updates. In any case, the set has a high play and aesthetic potential.

What will please the updated version of the Iron Man workshop from Lego

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