LEGO launches new facility in Billund

On April 5, The Lego Company celebrated the opening of a new facility at its headquarters in Billund (Denmark). Construction lasted 5 years. The 54,000 square meter building creates “a playful, inclusive and collaborative environment”or in other words, innovative jobs for 2000 employees of the company.

Project leaders believe this will ensure that even higher quality LEGO products are developed and produced. Many consider the so-called “People’s House” to be the most unusual feature of the new complex. Having such a space in the building will encourage employees to stay on company premises after the end of the working day to socialize, relax or play with colleagues. For this, there is a fitness studio, a creative workshop, an active recreation park, a wellness center, a kitchen and even a cinema. At the same time, the families of employees will also be able to use all these services.

The first visitors to the campus were employees of a Danish company. During the grand opening, they were presented with a gift in the form of a set 4000038 LEGO Campus. The architectural model presented in this constructor is exclusive. It allows you to build a toy version of the newly opened building from 1494 parts.

It is not yet known whether this set will appear on free sale or remain, like the previously released 8 similar sets, purely “corporate” memorable souvenirs. In any case, in the secondary market, of course, there is already a demand among collectors for the original novelty.

The first visitors to the new LEGO Group campus were employees of the Danish company

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